The Haliacmon river near the site of ancient Berea, Greece.

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The Berean Archive is an encyclopedia of Christian evidence.  Although currently parse in content, it will present data indicating God exists, Christianity is true, and address contrary claims.

Berea was a city in ancient Greece.  In chapter 17 in the book of Acts, the apostle Paul commended the Bereans for checking his citations of the Old Testament.  Likewise this site aims to be particularly careful with facts and update any errors in the face of new information.

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Organisms Appear Designed

Biologists and those in related fields usually agree organisms intuitively appear designed, even when they reject design in favor of evolution.

Abundant Functional DNA is Evidence of Design

Evidence suggests most mammal DNA is functional, and this is much more function than evolution can account for.

Junk Versus Functional DNA Predictions

Evolution proponents prediced most DNA in complex organisms would be junk, while intelligent design proponents predicted the opposite.

The C-Value Paradox

Because some organisms have much more DNA than others of similar complexity, it is often argued that most DNA in complex organisms must be junk, and thus they are not designed. This article argues otherwise.

HIV Evolution

HIV has evolved very little, despite huge populations and strong natural selection.

Low-Effort Arguments in the Evolution Debate

An overview of simpler but commonly used arguments in evolution debates, often involving misuses of terminology or logical falacies.


Ancient Israel: Slavery, Servanthood, and Social Welfare

Hebrew uses the same word for "servant" and "slave" and even high-ranking officials were "slaves" to the king. Unlike other ancient cultures, Israel's strict regulations made it impossible to treat a servant/slave inhumanely.

Ancient Israel: Warfare and Conquest

Are the Old Testament military campaigns of Israel inconsistent with being led by a just and loving God?  This article makes the case for consistency and justness.